Backlinks – The Linkwheel Technique For Google Domination



Linkwheel technique

I’m not too sure how many readers have heard of the link wheel technique. For those who have then you will know what I am talking about and for those that haven’t then let me explain.

A little while back about 7 months ago many Internet marketers where using a technique which they called the LINK WHEEL. This was basically using Web 2.0 accounts such as HubPages, Squidoo, blogger, Wetpaint and the many more available on the Net.

The way this system was set up was by having the web 2.0 properties interlink with each other and your website. So you would have the HubPage link to your money site and also blogger – you would then have your blogger link to your money site and Wetpaint – the same applied for all of the other web 2.0 accounts you created which would form a circle or link wheel.

You would target 1 keyphrase for all of the web 2.0 properties you have created and the same keyphrase for your money site. This technique was very powerful which would allow you multiple page 1 listings for your money site and also your web 2.o properties which you created. The web 2.0 properties would also get bookmarked and backlinked to make them more powerful.

It wasn’t very long before Google figured out the technique due to the footprint it created and started to devalue them.

But not all has been lost.

There is another way to use this technique making it harder to trace the footprint. I like to call it the 3d link wheel.

Its using the same concept in the sense that you are still using the web 2.0 properties but this time in tiers. So you will create about 4 web 2.0 properties linking back to your site only as tier 1.

You will then create another set of web 2.0 properties linking back to your first tier web 2.0 properties however this time 2 outbound links on the 2nd tier web 2.0 properties.

so if for example for tier 1 we used Blogger – Wetpaint – HubPages and Squidoo and for tier 2 we used Quizilla – MSN spaces – live journal and WordPress Then you will link all tier one accounts to your money site and tier 2 accounts will be linked to your tier 1 sites 2 at a time.

So you might have WordPress linking to blogger and HubPages. Quizilla linking to Squidoo and Wetpaint MSN spaces linking to blogger and Squidoo and so on You will then backlink all of the web 2. 0 properties and keep creating more tiers.

This ensures that authority of these sites are being passed down to other authoritative sites which then pass down the authority to your site. If you do this then you will see your web 2.0 accounts and your website ranking very high in the search engines.

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